Artist Statement

I have been noticing the fragility or flexibility of memories. It is said that every time you recall an event, you are actually recalling the last time you thought about it, rather than the original experience. Memories are constantly shifting and becoming more and more abstract, they might even disappear altogether. The mood or feeling that is experienced when recalling a childhood experience is something like deja vu. This feeling can be bliss, or horror or shame, but in any case, it feels unreal. To me, it always seems dreamlike and sort of bizarre, as if the event may have been real, or it maybe not.

Working directly from my mind, without a reference allows my work to depict a personal memory the way I remember it, not necessarily the way it actually existed. I am interested in interior spaces and landscapes that I used to visit often when I was younger, but that I have not been to in at least 10 years. These spaces are important and particularly interesting because they are places that I will probably never go to again. Some of the places no longer exist.